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Bringing digital efficiencies to field sales work


We see our competitors in store, spending 1.5 to 2 hours completing long CRM visit reports! With Buzzy we get to spend that time on more quality interactions which provide tangible outcomes and benefits.

Les McCarthy, CEO, Hytek

The opportunity

As CEO Les McCarthy explains: ‘The key value we bring to our brand clients like Whirlpool is being able to spend more time interacting with their customers – training them, influencing them, addressing their challenges. But we also need the time to make sure that we provide effective reporting and measurement, so that our brands can see what’s going on just as they would with a direct sales team. Resolving this time challenge is key but not easy.'

Hytek provide retail supply chain distribution including sales, merchandising and product training for a range of appliance brands.

The solution

A new Hytek employee recommended Buzzy. He had been using it at a different organisation doing similar things and thought it would solve the key requirements of mobile workers that needed to stay in touch whilst minimizing their reporting overheads.

Using a customized Buzzy app on their smartphones or tablets, the remote employees can quickly record relevant information whilst on site, such as sales target discussions and any issues preventing increased sales, team member training and key store visit outcomes. Back at head office, management can monitor and action this information in real time.

The result

Time-to-value was critically important – just a few weeks from reviewing the solution to being operational allowed them to deliver on a new national sales distribution contract.

In comparison to their distribution competitors that are taking over 1.5 hours, Hytek’s team is completing field reports in minutes.

The field team use the Buzzy app on their own devices and can capture important merchandising photos.

The chat window supports collaboration to resolve important issues.

The real time data and analytics allows day-to-day operational visibility right through to their brand clients.

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