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  • Added a feature allowing you to disable view loading spinners from the Figma plugin.

  • Fixed a bug preventing nested iframes from rendering with percentage height values.

  • Addressed a Figma change in the filekey format.

8 May 2024

  • Yay! Ai-generated apps now have a working login flow! While we always generated the screens for login flows in our Figma app / toolkit templates, making these functional was always a manual process. Not anymore - they should work out of the box now.

24 Apr 2024

  • Fixed aggregation for counts; for instance, a nested subtable can properly update its parent with count data.

23 Apr 2024

  • Apps can now search parent rows recursively; this means for instance app section headers can now be dynamic, for instance if nesting categories or rendering breadcrumb paths.

  • More bug fixes and tweaks.

12 Apr 2024

  • Interface cleanup, a mass of bug fixes and performance improvements; releases done almost daily.

15 Mar 2024 - 8 Apr 2024

  • Tweaks to preview screens and onboarding.

5 Mar 2024 

  • Added (beta) Adobe Express integration to the app preview/editor - you can now update static (ie non-data) images using Adobe Express directly from the app editor.

  • Added verification/user confirmation for AI data model changes, which may impact or wipe existing app data.

26 Feb 2024

  • Updates and fixes to onboarding flows and AI chat.

19 Feb 2024

  • Buzzy AI now assesses the prompts and has a better understanding of what it can and can't do.

  • Minor UI tweaks and improvements.

9 Feb 2024

  • Performance and AI chat improvements.

30 Jan 2024

  • Additional list styling options in app generation and toolkit.

  • AI chat action for updating design decisions.

25 Jan 2024

  • Bug fixes for HTML and location fields.

17 Jan 2024

  • Placeholder text now inherits the input text colour from the Figma design.

9 Jan 2024

  • AI chat now persists - past conversations you have with Buzzy AI are now viewable when you come back to the Workspace.

5 Jan 2024

  • Added 'fix fields' option back to Workspace data views - use as a last resort if a datatable gets its fields and columns out of sync.

  • Stripe checkout available as an action via the Buzzy Figma plugin - this will still require some coding to implement on your own app.

2 Jan 2024

  • Tweaks and improvements when copying apps between servers.

  • Assorted minor bug fixes.

22 Dec 2023

  • Fixed issue where show/hide field settings (in the Workspace) were getting reset on publish.

  • Tweaks to wording of onboarding wizard.

20 Dec 2023

  • Fixed issue with old login routes and redirects.

  • Fixed issue when no toolkit templates are available.

  • Fixed iOS bug affecting interaction with rich text fields in generated apps.

  • Assorted improvements and bug fixes.

14 Dec 2023

  • Added AI-based code widget creation.

  • Added mini-survey popup to initial app preview screen - let us know how the AI did so we can improve things.

  • Bug fixes to AI chat interface.

7 Dec 2023

  • More improvements to the AI chat and Workspace Editor (ex Preview) screen.

4 Dec 2023

  • Improved error handling in the AI app creation flow.

1 Dec 2023

  • Tweaks and improvements to the AI chat and Workspace Editor (ex Preview) screen.

30 Nov 2023

  • New app creation via the onboarding (website) wizard now moved to server-side - this means the process isn't interrupted if you leave the window (as happens frequently on mobile).

27 Nov 2023

  • Introduce new Buzzy AI toolkit using Figma variables to define themes.

  • Switch to stable GPT models.

  • Workspace Editor (Preview) screen now includes AI chat.

  • Workspace layout changes to address iOS viewport resizing.

  • Clean up and fixes to onboarding app preview screen.

21-24 Nov 2023

  • Updates to purchase process and introduction of free trial mode.

13-16 Nov 2023

  • Bug fix to prevent missing data breaking screen builder.

  • Field options are now defined during insert.

  • Bug fixes and improvements around activity logging.

6-9 Nov 2023

  • Improvements to onboarding process from website.

  • Added AI-generated video of Adam to the waiting screen!

3 Nov 2023

  • New onboarding flow implemented.

  • Bug fix to AI chat layout in preview screen.

  • Assorted bug fixes and improvements, including error handling.

25-30 Oct 2023

  • Use GPT4 for data model if OpenAI key provided in plugin.

  • New app preview interface for the onboarding process.

16-18 Oct 2023

  • Add placeholder text to user select dropdown.

  • Ensure updated prompt is used in brief re-generation.

  • Fixed access to old signup page and other redirection issues.

  • Fine tuned OpenAI model for data model prompts.

  • Assorted fixes around toolkit template copying and publishing.

9-13 Oct 2023

  • Fallback for when no UI kits are available.

  • Use case insensitive queries when checking/updating AI access.

  • Fix issue with debounce on auto filter.

  • App creation and completion/publishing counters.

4-5 Oct 2023

  • New user onboarding wizard released - generate new apps directly from the Buzzy Workspace, and import them to Figma when you need to edit the designs.

3 Oct 2023​​

  • Assorted tweaks and bug fixes to the new Buzzy Workspace.

14-16 Sep 2023

  • 🎉🎉🎉   Initial release of new Buzzy Workspace to manage your apps. 🎉🎉🎉  

12 Sep 2023​​

  • Fixed an issue with app screen context passing.

  • Added link to Stripe subscription management to user profile view.

16 Aug 2023​​

  • Additional screen at end of AI wizard with prompts for learning or contacting an expert.

  • Fix an issue with image field rotation.

  • Fix issues with view filtering.

  • Fix an issue with focus outlines on buttons, fields and links.

18-26 July 2023​​

  • More tweaks to wizard mode to simplify onboarding for new users.

26 June 2023​​

  • Bug fixes for error handling and status messages.

  • Tweaks to wizard mode.

22 June 2023​​

  • 🪄🪄🪄 Added a 'wizard' mode to the AI plugin! 🪄🪄🪄
    Simple, guided steps to building an app, and better error handling. Watch a quick demo here

20 June 2023​​

  • Prevent old field ids being used on new apps and clear them when deleting publish history.

13 June 2023​​

  • Added a 'data requirements' section to the AI-generated brief, to improve data modelling outcomes.

  • Toggle (checkbox) field can now be assigned a default start value.

  • Plugin settings tab update; now includes current user email.

  • Assorted tweaks and fixes.

7 June 2023​​

  • AI data models now use proper image fields.

  • Check if current Figma page contains an existing app.

  • Removed the 'Theme' tab for now - it's not currently needed.

  • Removed the automated screen and nav scan functionality for now as we work to better integrate Buzzy AI.

  • Assorted bug fixes.

22 May 2023​​

  • Add links to new docs to the plugin - now at

  • Add template recommendations to the plugin - now when you create a brief, the AI can find and recommend related Buzzy templates.

  • Bug fixes.

17 May 2023

  • Email can be used as any sort field now.

  • Subscribe to all child data for current row in a HTML field.

12 May 2023​​

  • Add options around shared AI keys and server-side AI key.

  • Tweaks to AI access checks.

10 May 2023

  • Add missing fields, tighten confirmation around destructive actions.

  • Fix viewers fields.

6 May 2023​​

  • 🎉🎉🎉  First release of the Buzzy AI assistant!  🎉 🎉🎉 
    This is still a beta program - we're working with select partners to develop. Learn more and sign up for early access here!

  • This release coincides with some UI changes to the plugin including:

  • The plugin is now collapsible.

  • The tabs have been reordered and renamed - 'Data' has become 'Model', and 'Design' is now 'Markup'. A new 'Theme' tab is currently a placeholder only.

4 May 2023​​

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements around users and login settings.

24 -27 April 2023

  • Fix a bug with converting stroke weights from Figma.

22 April 2023​​

  • Fix a search bug.

18 April 2023​​

  • Move options settings for embedded and crossapp fields.

2 April 2023​​

  • Fix issue with passing embedding row ID when not needed.

30 March 2023

  • Individual border weight support! Buzzy now supports individual border weights on an item. This makes adding borders or dividers between list items or in table views so much easier.

  • Bug fixes to linked table and rich text fields.

23 March 2023

  • Renaming change: 'embedded microapps' are now called 'sub tables'. For clarity, Buzzy's nested data tables used to be called microapps. We're removing the term 'microapps', so now we refer to 'data tables', 'sub tables' and 'linked tables'.

22 March 2023​​

  • Bug fixes to organisations and admins.

21 March 2023

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

9 March 2023​​

  • Improvements to linked data table (cross app) fields

8 March 2023​​

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

6 March 2023​​

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

4 March 2023​​

  • Improvements to linked data table (cross app) fields.

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

3 March 2023​​

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

22 February 2023​​

  • Treat 'null' values as false for checkbox fields within a View query.

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

20 February 2023​​

  • Allow styles (CSS) in custom header code.

  • Bug fixes to mapping and location fields.

16 February 2023​​

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

9 February 2023​​

  • Support for static retrieval of data tables and fields.

  • Introduced flex reverse ordering for layouts! Allows you to use flip content order and scroll direction within a layout (eg content is pinned to the bottom of a scroll container and overflows the top of the container, meaning you pull/scroll down to see more). Useful for chat or message interfaces.

7 February 2023​​

  • Bug fixes to linked table (cross app) fields.

6 February 2023​​

  • Fixed a layout bug where min and max widths were swapped.

1 February 2023​​

  • Added option to include user name in a formula.

  • Fixed a layout but where Figma's 'Fixed position' flag was getting falsely retained on a layer.

  • Bug fixes to template helpers.

  • Bug fixes around retrieving current users.

31 January 2023

  • Performance improvements (changes to filtering and use local collection for screens and components).

27-30 January 2023

  • Added a custom search that can be called from HTML fields.

  • Added a rule to run a REST API import.

  • Bug fixes around login and license settings when creating login flows.

18-26 January 2023

  • Bug fixes and updates to the HTML field type.

  • Performance improvements to helper functions.

4 January 2023

  • Added custom height option to rich text field.

  • Bug fixes.

28 December 2022

  • Added 'Who can view?' options to data tables, meaning you have more granular control over permissions and security for your data table views. Here's a video!

21 December 2022

  • Fixed Google Analytics integration so you can use your own GA account on your Buzzy app.

  • Fixed Intercom integration so you can integrate your own Intercom widget in your Buzzy app.

  • Added option to set a favicon.

  • Improved results pagination - watch Adam demo it here.

  • Added a recursive helper for use with the HTML field that lets you access the current data table row as well as sub tables in that row. See Adam explain it here.

  • Fixed a bug with cross app actions.

  • Assorted other bug fixes and improvements.

14 December 2022

  • Added Buzzy's passwordless login, login with password and more to the Figma plugin. See Adam explain it here.

  • Assorted tweaks and bug fixes.

6 December 2022​​

  • Urgent fix for (overnight) breaking change to Figma's API where 'depth=0' is no longer recognised.

  • Added an extra option to the 'HTML' field type - 'trusted iframes' now let you embed iframes from external services that require access to the root domain, for instance, Youtube or Vimeo embeds. See the docs for more info.

  • Assorted tweaks to the plugin UI, including layout of the publish tab, labels and terminology tweaks: 'microapps' are now referred to as 'data tables'.

18 November 2022

  • Introduced a 'debug' preview mode. You can 'preview' your app in a debug mode that lets you highlight items, inspect the markup that Buzzy translates from Figma, view actions properties and provides warnings for things like broken formulas, or layout mistakes (eg form fields or submit buttons without a relevant form defined). Watch Adam demo it here.

17 November 2022​​

  • Bug fix affecting checkboxes field.

  • Bug fixes on assorted responsive layout scenarios.

14 November 2022

  • Added checks for Figma's new 'Section' layer type.

  • Massive performance boost! Taking advantage of changes to the Figma plugin API, plus some of our own code tweaks, has optimised how the the Buzzy Figma plugin scans a Figma file. Using the plugin should be significantly faster, especially on large Figma files with thousands of layers.

10 November 2022

  • The 'Update current screen only' option on the Publish tab now is now available if you have any layer inside a screen selected - you don't need to go and select the screen layer itself. Here's a video!

31 October 2022​​

  • NEW FEATURE! The new 'Update field' action lets you set or update the value of a field via a formula, with the option to also navigate to a different screen. This has a ton of potential uses - from simply incrementing a value or toggling UI elements through to building complex select controls. Watch Adam explain it here.

28 October 2022

  • UI tweaks and cleanup, including redesigned plugin 'Publish' tab.

  • Fixes to published layout settings for items within a horizontal autolayout:

    • ​Multiple items set to 'fill' inside the auto layout now all render at the same width (evenly dividing the available space between them irrespective of their content).

    • An item set to a fixed width inside the auto layout, with a max-width applied and no min-width, now resizes only between that fixed width and the (larger) max-width - it won't automatically shrink below the fixed width.

    • An item set to a fixed width inside the auto layout, with a min-width applied and no max-width, now resizes only between that (smaller) min-width and the (larger) fixed width - it won't automatically grow beyond the fixed width.

26 October 2022

  • UI tweaks.

  • Improved image/vector processing and uploads.

  • Fix 'fill' visibility issues.

  • Empty vectors now don't render as an empty 'img' tag in published app.

  • Added option to only update selected screens on publish (meaning you don't need to update the entire app if you're just applying a change to a single or a few screens).

  • 'Author' and 'Submitted date' are now available as metadata fields via the plugin.

7 - 19 October 2022

  • Rendering and layout fixes.

4 - 5 October 2022

  • Quickly view/select all Buzzy markup components by type. In the Design tab, click the 'eye' icon next to the accordion toggles.

  • Better clearing of Buzzy markup; you can select a Figma layer and clear all children of Buzzy markup, or select multiple layers and clear them.

  • Display warnings in the Figma plugin when Buzzy field modes are mismatched with their context (for instance, if you have a field in 'insert' mode without a wrapping 'form').

  • More performance improvements.

28 - 30 September 2022

  • Extract background colour and text mode during conversion (for native apps).

  • Added cross app insert and edit rules to CMS - meaning you can set up automatic aggregation functions across microapps.

  • Performance improvements.

14 - 18 September 2022

  • Initial (alpha/beta) release of cross-app aggregation rules; allows you to 'watch' a microapp for changes or submissions and automatically perform aggregations such as sum, average and more on the submitted values.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

12 September 2022

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Formula fields and JSONata show/hide formulas (on Buzzy Layout components) now treat Date field values as objects, not strings. You may need to update your formulas to reflect this.

    • ​A Date field is now an object like this: {"val:" (date in millis)}

    • To return its value in a JSONata formula, call it like this: `Datefieldname`.val

    • Learn more about JSONata date functions here.

  • If you're running Buzzy apps based on some of our demo file examples in Figma (like the CRM app, or the task list demo), please go and download newer versions - the old ones contain formulas that by extracting a date value from a string (as that's what was being returned).

  • Assorted bug fixes and improvements.

6 September 2022​

  • Improvements to JSONata Formula fields, including handling null values.

  • Loading spinner (between screens) now gets background colours and sizing from the screen design.

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

24 August 2022

  • Filter mode is now available for 'Text' and 'Formula' fields types (meaning you can now build a search around these field types).

  • Initial Bluetooth 'connect' action added (more to come on this)!

9 August 2022

  • New 'slider' option on the number field type. Allows you to set min, max, steps and start values. Note: you'll need to publish your app first with it defined as a 'normal' number field, then edit the 'Advanced settings' for that field to access the 'slider' options. Styling options are still limited.

  • Assorted bug fixes.

6 August 2022

  • Prevent image strokes from breaking the converter.

  • Prevent 'parent row' relationship being defined for data/results when there isn't one.

  • Use png versions of svg graphics in the native app for better performance.

  • The usual minor tweaks and bug fixes.

4 August 2022

  • Added ability to access current URL in Buzzy formulas (via '_currentURL').

  • HTML 'title' attribute (eg in browser tab) now renders the app name.

26 July 2022

  • Assorted tweaks and bug fixes.

14 July 2022​

  • Improved initial loading and rendering of views.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tweaks to the map component and search bar.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​More performance improvements and bug fixes.

6 July 2022

  • Bug fixes and code improvements.

1 July 2022​​

  • Urgent fix to address issue caused by a change in the Figma REST API.

30 June 2022

  • Fix issues with SVG and image opacity.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Add 'single image' option to the image field in the plugin.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Buzzy CMS user roles (eg owner/author) are now available to the plugin for use in formulas, and can be used in layout rules outside of a form.

  • Minor fixes and tweaks.

22 June 2022

  • Added support for different button field modes (edit and insert).

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fixed rendering of various fields including date/time, checkboxes and maps.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Prevent duplicate field creation during data imports.

  • ​​Prevent the 'Migration required' message from appearing on files running the plugin for the first time.

  • Assorted bug fixes and improvements.

16 June 2022

  • Field definitions now include font settings. If you define a field on a Frame or Auto layout container layer, Buzzy will now find the closest child Text layer and use its font, size and colour settings in the field. Previously we'd just read the background/padding/stroke of the container, but the input text would render using default settings (ie dark text) - obviously not great for dark interfaces with light text. The workaround was to define the field on the Text layer (that way the font settings were passed across) - this still works too. Note that some field types and elements (eg the rich text field, or error messages) still render with their own UI - there's more work to do here.

  • More bug fixes and minor enhancements.

31 May 2022

  • The 'Import' tab has been removed. The data import screen now lives under the 'Data' tab - via the button at the bottom right.

  • Minor bug fixes.

18 May 2022

  • An update to keep pace with some of the new stuff introduced by Figma at Config 2022!

    • Absolute position within an auto layout - finally!

    • Negative spacing within an auto layout

    • Reverse stacking order within an auto layout

    • Text baseline alignment within an auto layout

  • More bug fixes and minor enhancements.

13 May 2022

  • Link actions now support `mailto:...` links.

  • Can choose whether to show or hide the 'Save as...' buttons on an HTML field.

  • More bug fixes and minor enhancements.

6 May 2022

  • Formula fields are now allowed in the HTML component.

  • Re-jigged the 'Info' tab - it's now using a 'cog' icon (indicating settings) and includes a link to your account/user profile in the Buzzy CMS.

  • The usual 'under the hood' stuff - more tweaks, refinements, bug fixes and performance improvements.

29 April 2022​

  • Add support for custom width and height on html field type (including units other than px - eg %, em/rem, vw/vh).

  • Performance. Performance improvements, my friend.

20 April 2022​

  • Add option to pass parent result row to the next screen. This allows navigate, submit and delete actions to target the parent row (or an embedded row) - eg link to a parent, show parent after submitting a child row, show parent after deleting a child.

  • Assorted bug fixes and improvements.

13 April 2022​

  • Added check for duplicate Buzzy components (views, layouts, forms and more). Marking a duplicated component as a 'reference' gives you control over re-use; when you edit the original, all 'reference' instances are updated automatically. Watch a quick intro video here.

  • 'Publish' tab displays warning for duplicated components or screens.

  • Assorted improvements and bug fixes.

28 March 2022

  • 🎉 Version 2.0 of the plugin released! 🎉

  • Added a new 'Data' tab to act as a container for all your field definitions. Watch an intro video here.

  • Loads of under-the-hood performance improvements and bug fixes.

15 March 2022​

  • More code tweaks and bug fixes.

24 February 2022

  • Series of almost daily updates including new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Added search capabilities that work with the filtering and sorting options, and work across screens.

  • Added 3 additional sort keys to a microapp (Buzzy data container) - so you now have 6 sort keys you can use on your data/results.

  • Added 3 additional field types. These are all 'advanced' and require a bit of geek work to use:

    • Maps​

    • Crossapp

    • SVG / HTML

10~18 February 2022

  • Loads of bug fixes and more geeky back-end performance improvements.

8 February 2022

  • Fixed a bug where users not logged in to Buzzy couldn't access the generated apps.

  • More bug fixes and geeky back-end performance improvements.

21 January 2022​

  • Fixed a bug where setting layer opacity to 0 was ignored and layer rendered at 100% instead.

  • Added options to rotate images in image fields/galleries (for instance, when adding via a device camera).

  • Various bug fixes and geeky back-end performance improvements, including a stack of new functionality around user management. Documentation and examples will follow once things quieten down a bit!

15 January 2022​

  • Fixed a bug where setting corner radius on all corners, then switching to independent corner radii would wrongly keep the common radius on all corners.

  • Fixed a layout issue where 'align-self: stretch' on layers inside an auto layout set to 'fill' was messing with responsive settings.

  • Fixed a bug where published inputs/fields were getting a default min-height.

  • Fixed an issue where vector or image graphics inside embedded field views were not being uploaded.

  • Fixed an issue where vector or image graphics inside standalone views (ie outside of a normal screen wrapper, as might happen with alternate 'no results' menu states) were not being loaded.

  • Fixed a bug where stroke colour opacity settings on were ignored.

  • Various bug fixes and geeky back-end performance improvements.

04 January 2022

  • Add support for multi-page forms in create mode. Previously we supported multi-page forms in edit mode, now you can now split a single 'create' form across multiple screens or views, and have the submit button/action only on the final screen or view.

  • Added a new 'single image only' option to the images field (and image uploader) allowing you to limit a user to uploading only one image at a time.

  • Fixed a bug where fill colour opacity settings on text (and ratings fields) was ignored.

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

21 December 2021

  • Add sorting to view components.

    • Up to 3 fields per microapp can be defined as sort fields. 

    • Views will automatically sort on the first sort field if defined, or default to 'reverse submitted date' if not.

    • Views can be set up to explicitly sort any combination of the 3 defined sort fields, in a given precedence order and with asc/desc on each.

    • Views can also be given up to 5 filters using the defined sort fields - extra ones allow for ranges to be setup for numbers for example.

  • Add filtering to view components.

    • ​Text and Select fields - EQ, NE, REGEX and IN - where REGEX is a case insensitive regular expression search, and IN supports a comma delimited set of text strings.

    • Number and Rating fields - EQ, NE, LT, LTE, GTE, GT.

    • Date fields - LT, LTE, GTE, GE, plus PAST and FUTURE in days - i.e. either X days from now into the past, or X days from now into the future. Note that all the date operations work at the day level, not time - so GTE a given date means from the beginning of that day and greater.

    • Limitations: Totals don't take into account filtering on a particular view, and date filtering is limited to 'date/time' and 'date only' fields, and doesn't allow time selection.

  • Add support for a user login flow via Figma.

  • Hide and show rules can now be applied to layout components. Now you can use simple rules to render whole different layout components on a single screen, based on conditions or rules being met.

  • Add a 'team viewers' option for microapp data and views.

  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

17 December 2021

  • Layout tweaks to address a bug in handling 'fill container' in vertical flex/auto layouts.

  • Layout tweaks to address a positioning bug when using fixed position elements (eg top or bottom nav bars) with the Buzzy non-responsive 'fixed' layout mode.

16 December 2021

  • Added capability to switch server urls to the plugin.

  • Never mind that, did you see yesterday's release? We have flex wrap on auto layout components!

10 December 2021

  • Introducing flex wrap on auto layout components! You can now make any auto layout a Buzzy 'Layout' component via the plugin, and turn wrapping on - when published that layout will allow content to wrap. Grid menus, responsive layouts - so many use cases for this! Check out the demo video here!

  • A major amount of layout changes - setting a min / max width on an item now behaves a lot more consistently on publish, taking into account Figma layout settings and resolving logical conflicts (eg where Figma doesn't account for a width, but we add one, or proportional scaling issues if using Figma's 'scale' constraint, and more).

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

9 December 2021

  • Google Analytics integration is now even more flexible - you can create and pass custom event information to Google Analytics.

  • We're moving from Slack to Discord for our support community - Slack workspace links have been replaced with links to our new Discord server.

  • Tweaks to license/terms.

  • Performance improvements, including a 'recent' loop fix.

3 December 2021

  • Changes to the way overlays are stacked - now with a new navigation option to close all (if you're layering overlays).

  • 'Read-only' buttons can now be made clickable as well.

1 December 2021

  • Images (including background images) are now uploaded in the background after the app is published.

  • Parent fields can now be rendered in embedded views and forms - so you can show information from the parent row.

  • Keyboard actions on your published app now work - you can 'tab' to an action or input and use the 'enter' key to execute it, e.g. form submit, screen navigate etc.

26 November 2021

  • Added an messenger/chat interface. You can get in touch with us directly for support - and as a bonus, you can turn it off or enable it on your own generated apps and sites by pointing it at your own account via the app settings in Buzzy - watch a video on this.

23 November 2021

  • Performance improvements including minimising data transfer to app convertor, and removing redundant update events.

  • Layout bug fixes and improvements, including removing forced absolute positioning for layout component nodes and forced left/right in fixed screen mode.

  • Minor fixes and code cleanup. 

17 November 2021

  • Text

1 May 2022

  • Ellipse shapes are now supported without having to flatten them.

  • Background images on frames now supported, alongside a background colour fill. 

  • Added support for basic text transforms and formatting including text-transform (uppercase, lowercase, capitalise), text-decoration (underline), letter-spacing and text-indent.

12 November 2021

  • 'Back' navigation actions are now supported.

  • External links are now supported.

  • 'Home' screen type and navigation action renamed to 'Start' - this makes more sense in most cases, where the initial screen is generally not the users home screen :)

  • Fixed 'Start' (ex 'Home') navigation action and other minor bug fixes.

  • This is all minor stuff! Did you see yesterday's release? Automated screen and nav creation!

10 November 2021

  • Added automated screen and navigation scanning! When running the plugin in a Figma file for the first time, you can automatically scan and apply Buzzy markup for screens and navigation based on your Figma prototype settings. Watch a video of this in action.

9 November 2021

  • Added an option to use Google Analytics on your generated app! Learn how here. 

  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements including better progress indicators on the publish/update actions.

8 November 2021

  • Added a 'help' floating action button - use it to get in touch with us or connect to our Slack community at any time.

  • Minor bug fixes.

4 November 2021

  • Button fields now supported.

  • Stroke colour set to ignore gradient stroke - so only solid strokes are converted.

  •  Tweaks to connection UI.

3 November 2021

  • Introducing 'fixed layout' mode! We notice users struggling with layout when converting their apps from Figma screen designs (with a static, fixed width and height) to a live situation where their screens were rendering in a resizable, responsive viewport such as a browser, or across different devices. So from now, screens are now going to render at the exact fixed size you define in Figma, and if you want the app to resize in the device or browser viewport you can manually turn on a more advanced 'responsive' mode. For backwards compatibility, files already marked up with Buzzy will remain in the more advanced 'responsive' mode - but you can turn this off at any time.
    Check out a brief video demo of this new feature  in action!

  • Fixed a file key issue where multiple users in the same file may prevent Buzzy access for some.

  • Assorted bug fixes and improvements.

29 October 2021

  • Fixed an issue where the 'close' action for overlays might not work if the layer calling it was nested too far down in the layers.

  • Fixed an issue where embedded microapps may not be linked.

  • Assorted bug fixes and improvements.

27 October 2021

  • File key permission now only requested on (first) publish.

  • Image and file upload field types now supported.

  • Design tab now displays counters next to each node type.

  • Assorted bug fixes and improvements.

25 October 2021

  • UI improvements to granting access permissions when first using the plugin.

  • Assorted bug fixes and improvements to API handling.

20 October 2021

  • Improvements to UI and error handling.

19 October 2021

  • The Buzzy plugin is now live in Figma! 

  • This means you can install within Figma as a normal plugin - no more download, manifest.json and running it as a development plugin!

  • We recommend installing the published version, and uninstalling your development plugin; simply go to 'Plugins > Manage plugins...' and then selecting 'Remove' from the options menu next to your development version of the Buzzy plugin.

16 October 2021

  • Layout improvements for fixed-width children of flex containers.

  • Layer rotation is now supported.

13 October 2021

  • Better gradient support, including arbitrary angles.

  • Fit/fill options for images.

  • Text and block drop shadows are now supported.

  • Blur effect is now supported.

  • Line height on text is now supported.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

12 October 2021

  • Layout improvements including the more better rendering of absolutely positioned elements inside the basic (root) screen container. Also a screen's background colour should now fill the viewport.

  • Internal overflow scrolling (eg horizontal and/or vertical scroll inside a nested container) is now supported!

  • Min- and max-width can now be set at both the screen level or on individual layout elements.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

5 October 2021

  • Allow re-linking of Figma file to an existing or previous app ('Buzz').

2 October 2021

  • Buzzy server has been migrated to This is part of our efforts to submit the plugin to Figma for release in the Figma community. Note that all your existing apps and data will remain intact -  the old urls to will continue to work. If after updating your plugin it does get confused, please close and re-open it.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

29 September 2021 - DOWNLOAD AND REINSTALL REQUIRED (1.0.6)​

  • Reinstated - Figma file key now required when you run the plugin. This was removed temporarily in the previous release to get around a Figma bug. It connects the Figma file to Buzzy, and is needed as we prepare to release the plugin to the Figma community (at which point you won't need to manually download and install it as a development plugin).

  • Screen, field, microapp and component names can now be selected from a dropdown rather than having to manually enter them.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

28 September 2021 - DOWNLOAD AND REINSTALL REQUIRED (1.0.5)​

  • Urgent but temporary workaround for Figma bug ('currentuser permission in manifest.json'). This temporarily removes the file key requirement from the previous release.

23 September 2021 - DOWNLOAD AND REINSTALL REQUIRED (1.0.4)

  • Figma file key now required when you run the plugin. This connects the Figma file to Buzzy, and is needed as we prepare to move the plugin out of beta (at which point you won't need to manually download and run it as a development plugin).

  • Inline help is now available in the plugin.

  • Opacity settings on layers, shapes and images are now supported.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

22 September 2021 - DOWNLOAD AND REINSTALL REQUIRED (1.0.3)

  • Allow clearing of min/max width.

  • Fixed bug where empty frames were ignored.

  • Various layout improvements and related bug fixes.

9 September 2021

  • Fixed bug where angle on linear gradient was ignored.

  • Added support for SVG images.

8 September 2021

  • REST API data sources now supported (in addition to Google Sheets). Note the UI for this is still 'code-based' - improvements coming.

2 September 2021

  • Google web fonts are now supported! 

1 September 2021

  • Added ability to rename marked up nodes - this means things like form or data fields can be referred to independently of how a corresponding Figma layer might be named.

  • Various features and bug fixes.

August 2021

  • Added support for basic form fields and ability to edit field parameters and settings.

  • Selecting a Figma layer highlights the object in the plugin navigation.

  • Various features and bug fixes.

July 2021

  • Initial plugin beta release.

June 2021

Release notes

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