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Buzzy Affiliate Program 

Got sway with your audience? Earn a commission for Buzzy sign-ups!

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What is Buzzy?

Buzzy's AI-powered no code platform turns an idea into a high quality Figma design and a working, full stack web or mobile app - in minutes! We've been around for a while as low-code platform focused largely on data-gathering apps and forms required for field work - offline capable, with geolocation and tons of useful features. Functional but dry. We're now bringing that into the AI and Figma design space and are excited by the opportunities this presents. 

How does the affiliate program work?

Simple - you sign up to our affiliate program (powered by Tapfiliate), and we provide you with unique web links and assets; you promote those links to your audience, and when anyone using your unique link signs up and converts to become a paying Buzzy customer, you earn a commission.  By signing up, you get access to a dashboard where you can manage and track your referrals and commissions. 

How much is the commission, and how are payments managed?

Check the affiliate program signup page to view the current commission rate and terms; the Buzzy affiliate program is managed through Tapfiliate, and all payments are handled through that platform. 

Who is this suited to?

Our target audiences include agencies, freelancers, designers, developers, AI enthusiasts and founders looking to get a headstart in building and deploying apps, websites or even custom landing pages. If your own audience includes these people, we're likely a good fit!


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Buzzy Affiliate

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Buzzy Affiliate

Need inspiration? Here's some examples of our affiliates promoting Buzzy.

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