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Surfing NSW

Surfing NSW

Managing events staff, volunteers and participants


As a communication tool, Buzzy has really been able to help us exemplify our connection... We use it with event competitors, in the volunteer space, as well as with our staff.

Luke Madden, CEO, Surfing NSW

The opportunity

Before discovering Buzzy, Surfing NSW did not have a communication solution that was easy to implement and could send dynamic updates on surf conditions or make last minute changes to event information, effectively. Communication between event volunteers, staff and competitors was fragmented and managed with different products from various places.

Surfing NSW, established in 1963, is the largest and longest running of the recognised state bodies for the sport of surfing in Australia.

The solution

Using Buzzy's flexible platform, Surfing NSW today, is able to quickly make changes and notify event participants at the click of a button. Buzzy can track messages and monitor engagement to provide reporting value for stakeholders and sponsors. Buzzy's mobile apps for both iOS and Android ensure event participants, staff members and event organisers can stay in the loop, receive updates, send messages and access event information, whilst on the go, all from the one place.

The result

Drastically reduced staff time to create and monitor event information coupled with cost savings.

A more streamlined and simple communication process with event participants and volunteers where all communication is monitored and conducted from the one place.

Analytic features enable feedback to stakeholders and event sponsors for reporting.

Easy for all staff members to learn. Simple for event participants to understand, communicate and interact with.

Facilitates and provides a better connection and relationship between Surfing NSW and their event competitors.

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