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Zubi Espresso

Zubi Espresso

Wrangling staff rosters, training and communication


I can’t recommend Buzzy highly enough for any business, it’s freed me up and given me so much more time. Buzzy enables me to communicate directly with my staff and keeps everyone on the same page.

Steve Hulley, Owner, Zubi Espresso

The opportunity

With around 25 staff spread across 2 locations, keeping everyone in the loop with immediate updates and constantly changing staff rosters, in the hospitality industry, was proving to be a continuous headache which also resulted in lost time and missed communication between staff members.

Steve Hulley, owner of Zubi Espresso, has two coffee bars on Sydney's northern beaches and employs around 25 staff between both locations.

The solution

Buzzy provides a simple but highly effective solution by keeping staff rosters, event or menu information, in one central place. Staff can access this information anytime, on the go with the Buzzy mobile apps and instant message directly back to duty managers. With message tracking, managers can quickly check to see if staff members have seen roster or information updates and follow up with anyone if required to do so.

The result

Time savings for managers and for staff. Creating and finding roster information is quick and easy. Steve can spend more time focusing on his customers and Zubi's business operations.

A more streamlined communication process between managers and staff, where all communication is monitored and conducted from the one central place, accessible from anywhere.

Improved accountability within the Zubi team. Simple message tracking provides useful reporting to follow up on 'unseen' important shift or information changes.

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