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Cancellation and Refund Policy

A witty subtitle about legal gorp.

Last updated: 16 May 2024

If you find that Buzzy does not meet your needs, you can cancel your subscription by:


  1. Via Stripe’s Buzzy Subscription Portal: You must log in using the same email address with which you originally purchased Buzzy via Stripe. This email may be different to the one you use when logging in to Buzzy! If you cannot remember this email, please refer to the invoice or receipt from Stripe sent you. Once logged in, follow the instructions to cancel your subscription.

  2. Via Email: Send a cancellation request to from the email address you used to originally purchase Buzzy via Stripe.  This email may be different to the one you use when logging in to Buzzy! Please include:

    • A brief explanation of why you wish to cancel

    • Billing information such as name, transaction ID, last 4 digits of the credit card, billing date, etc.

    • Your registered email address and login name

    • Any other information needed for identity verification or authentication

How to Cancel:

Subscription Options:

Buzzy offers both monthly and annual subscription plans to accommodate various user needs. Subscriptions are processed using Stripe, ensuring secure and reliable payment handling.

Trial Period:

For certain products Buzzy provides a 14-day trial period for new users to fully explore the platform without any obligations. Please note, the duration of the trial period is subject to future changes, which will be communicated accordingly.

Effectiveness of Cancellation:

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancellations will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle for monthly subscribers, and at the end of the annual period for yearly subscribers.


Subscription cancellation confirmation will be sent within 3 business days of your request.

Refund Policy:

Since a trial period is provided, refunds are not available once the paid subscription period begins. This policy encourages users to evaluate the platform thoroughly during the trial.

For annual subscriptions, consider your long-term requirements carefully, as refunds are not available after the trial period.

Reservation of Rights:

Buzzy reserves the right to refuse service continuation if the terms of the trial, monthly, or annual subscriptions are not met as detailed in Buzzy’s Terms of Service.

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