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"Happy customers return and bring friends. More customers generate more sales increases. The Lead Capture feature contributes further to this," Mark says.

Cover photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


OneTapFeedback: Customers, heard

Closing the loop on feedback


Through Buzzy, it has been easy to add richer features to the OneTapFeedback app and capture a wider amount of more relevant data. Having better data enables businesses to become more engaged and accountable for their contribution to customer experience.

Mark Patterson, CEO, OneTapFeedback

Need for more flexibility and features

OneTapFeedback had previously built its app on a structured platform. This was designed to be scalable within a certain format and had several pre-set options. 

CEO Mark Patterson realised that if OTF became more sophisticated than just a simple set of questions, it could do a better job. He wanted to refine and improve OTF to add new features, such as rapid response survey changes. This would enable restaurants to quickly restructure the survey around short-term time frame needs such as a sales promotion.

But it wasn’t possible to do this on the existing platform as the pre-set structures didn’t offer the flexibility needed. Mark was instead recommended Buzzy by a business associate, and quickly identified it as the ideal solution.

"I chose Buzzy because the platform is designed to be customised to the needs of its clients. They’ve built a bespoke platform structure that has empowered ongoing improvement, such that the service is now clearly best of breed," Mark says.

OneTapFeedback (OTF) is a service designed by multi-site retail managers, for multi-site retail managers. It employs a unique application of proven technology to empower a new Management Information System informed by live customer feedback. OTF works through a customisable survey for customer feedback kiosks, using  Bain Capital's Net Promoter Score (NPS). It’s designed for the specific needs of operations managers in multi-site QSR (quick service restaurant) networks.

Enabling better data capture, QR codes

Mark sat down with the Buzzy team and explained exactly what he wanted to do: collect customer feedback easily with OneTap - often in areas where there may not be consistent and reliable internet connectivity.

"The guys at Buzzy were very responsive and we worked out how to achieve it. Compared with the previous platforms I had worked on, Buzzy offered full flexibility of working online or offline - especially important in locations where connectivity was not reliable."

It took just a day to get the new OneTapFeedback app up and running. All the data captured is sent up to Buzzy’s server and then exported and fed into the Tableau visualisation platform.

"Because I can customise how the data is expressed I can optimise the way it is visualised, which is vital. I can draw out the data however I want, and that allows me to dovetail it with Tableau," Mark explains.

One of the innovations Buzzy has enabled for OTF is to use QR codes. Since COVID-19, many more people have become familiar with QR codes due to having to sign in when they visit cafés and restaurants.

"Now people have got to log in and register to use venues, they’ve figured out QR codes. With Buzzy we’re taking advantage of that change in the environment to develop a dual-capture mode: a regular touchscreen in combination with QR codes throughout venues," Mark explains.

Real-time feedback = higher customer satisfaction

By moving to Buzzy, OneTapFeedback has been able to carry out three major innovations.

1. Integrating customer and staff data
Integrating customer feedback to staff roster data enables an NPS ranking per store manager, per shift manager and per team member. High achievers can be acknowledged and applauded, while underachievers are encouraged and nurtured.

2. Customer data capture
The name and mobile phone lead capture of highly satisfied restaurant customers can be recorded. This enables SMS marketing campaigns to increase customer value through bounce-back offers, offers for an online platform and offers for home delivery.

​3. QR codes
Expanding data capture via QR codes has resulted in more feedback and more customer lead capture from an expanding cohort of customers who have become comfortable with QR codes as a result of recent COVID registration processes.

As the data captured by OneTapFeedback generates insights, customer satisfaction is increasing.

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