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Celebrating Figma AI, Figma’s New Release and Buzzy's Integration: A New Era of No-Code Development

Wow, what an incredible release by Figma today! Here at Buzzy, we’re thrilled, and we have some amazing new features of our own in the pipeline that dovetail perfectly with these advancements.

Abstract image from the Figma Config event


Buzzy is an AI-powered no-code platform focused on making it faster and easier to develop applications. We typically see three core phases in an application’s development:

  1. Kickstart: Use AI to speed things up. Buzzy allows you to generate a full-stack working application in just a few minutes. Yes, that’s a fully functional application running on a scalable Kubernetes environment.

  2. Enhance: If needed, you can enhance your application by turning the one created in the Kickstart phase into a Figma file. Simply modify the Figma file, and it automatically updates the working application instantly.

  3. Extend: If further customization is needed, you can extend the application with Code Widgets or make calls to external applications/systems using our REST API.

The net result? What would have taken weeks, months, and an army of developers can now be done in days. Check out some examples here and here.

In summary, Buzzy helps in two core ways:

  1. Start with a prompt → app (with Figma in the middle)

  2. Start with Figma, skip the design handover pain, and turn it into a working application, no coding required

What do Figma’s Config announcements mean for Buzzy?

First, a quick snapshot of what Figma released today:

  1. Figma AI: Think bigger and build faster.

  2. UI3: Figma, redesigned.

  3. Figma Slides: Build, collaborate, and present.

  4. Dev Mode updates: From design-ready to dev-complete.

  5. Quality-of-life improvements: Auto Layout, UI Kits, and prototype viewer.

So, where does this sit with Buzzy? We’re focused on similar goals but within the subset of rapid application development rather than traditional enterprise development. For us, the most significant announcement today was Figma AI.

Figma AI

Wow! This is super cool. We were hoping for this last year, and it's awesome to see the beta announced. We can’t wait to take it for a test drive.

As Buzzy allows you to turn a Figma file into a working application, we love that Figma is now including this in their product. It’s a game-changer for us! Yay!

Other features

Some additional features we see making a massive difference include:

  • Suggesting Auto Layout: Buzzy expects a well-structured Figma file. While Figma is easy to use, when Buzzy is not generating the Figma file itself, we often see users with poorly structured files. This results in the principle of "garbage in, garbage out." These new Figma co-pilot AI features are a massive help in enabling users and speeding up the creation of well-structured Figma files.

  • Automatically Creating Figma Prototypes: This is an awesome feature and will help speed up the translation to a Buzzy application.

Currently, it’s unclear if Figma will enable users to take existing Figma files and UI Kits and allow Figma AI to help out.

Buzzy is also developing a feature to markup your existing Figma UI kits (Design Systems) and use them to generate applications. Notably, Buzzy enables this process without requiring users to work directly within Figma, which can be incredibly useful for organizations. This capability empowers individuals without Figma skills to create applications from prompts, broadening accessibility and enhancing productivity.

One pain point for users starting with an existing Figma file is that they have to mark up their existing screens, forms, views, fields, and actions so that Buzzy knows how to make it work. While Buzzy’s AI does this automatically for new users starting from a prompt, for users with existing Figma files, this can be a bit of work.

Buzzy plans to make available very soon the ability to auto-markup an existing Figma file. This is a game-changer. It means you can take either an existing Figma file or a file generated by Figma AI and turn it into something that works.

In summary, assuming Figma AI will allow you to make changes to generated Figma files. The combination of Figma AI and Buzzy’s Auto Markup and plugin is a game-changer, leapfrogging the whole design-to-code handover for as much of the project as possible.

These are exciting times!


About Buzzy

Buzzy is an AI-powered no-code platform that simplifies and accelerates application development. Our experience with the AI Strategy App is a testament to how Buzzy enables rapid prototyping and iteration, allowing us to gather real user feedback early in the development process. Try Buzzy yourself!


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