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Kickstart your UI design with AI and Figma

Updated: Jun 13

Go from zero to a Figma file with all your UI screens (plus an actual working web app) in minutes. Edit, redesign and republish straight from Figma to your working app. Become a superhero and implement user or client feedback on the fly!

A diagram showing Buzzy's steps: Ai prompt to MVP to import, edit and republish direct from Figma


Check out our video below to see how it can work IRL

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1: Generate a Figma UI design in minutes - AI prompt to working MVP to Figma!

Buzzy AI simplifies app development by letting users describe their app ideas in plain language. Based on these descriptions, Buzzy AI generates a working app (MVP). While unlikely to be close to your final app in either design or functionality, you can quickly use AI chat to make high level changes to your MVP, and even test it with real users. This working app can be imported into Figma as a design file, including all screen designs and components - generating tens of screen designs in minutes.

“The first step of using Buzzy to generate the initial screens, with anything from 30 to 100 app screens, could save up to 30 or 40 hours in setting up a scalable design system to build off. That’s mindblowing!” Wilson Duong, Designer & Figma Expert

2: Change, edit and redesign in Figma, with a variable- and component-based Figma design kit.

You can work within Figma to effortlessly change your app's visual appearance and styles. Simply switch the colour scheme, tweak the toolkit’s Figma variables, styles and components, and rearrange, redesign or create entirely new components to create a unique and polished design.

The Figma file generated by Buzzy AI is not just a static template but a customizable foundation for your app design. With the Buzzy Figma plugin, you can also add and edit app functionality and behaviours directly within Figma. This allows for a seamless integration of design and development, ensuring your app is both visually appealing and fully functional.

These changes can be published directly from Figma to your working app, streamlining the entire process. Running user tests, or got some client feedback? Simply edit your Figma file and republish. Design iterations are insanely quick, allowing continuous improvement as there’s no development bottleneck between feedback and implementation of changes - which means a more refined and user-friendly final product.

Screengrab showing a Buzzy app publishing from Figma to a web browser
Publish to your web app directly from Figma!

3: Got your own design system or already have an app designed? Start in Figma and turn it into a real working web app.

The Buzzy-generated app may not work for you - no problem, simply grab the Buzzy Figma plugin, and you can start marking up your existing Figma design, publishing it as a new Buzzy web app. You may be working with your own in-house design system, or you may have an app already designed in Figma, or a client has already specified a particular look and feel.

Buzzy allows designers to quickly assign real app behaviours within Figma, and publish a working app to the Buzzy platform - without having to leave their designs behind, as is common with most Figma-to-code tools. So whether it’s creating an enterprise level app, or simply publishing a landing page with signup from a Figma design, you’ve got a head start with Buzzy!

4: Extend and integrate - add advanced features as needed.

Not everything is going to be achievable with this simple no-code approach - but it’s not a limitation either! Buzzy can integrate with external services, and you can embed custom code widgets in your app.

Stuck on how to do something? Check out the Buzzy docs, or even better, check out one of our free Figma templates - these are Figma files you can copy, run the Buzzy Figma plugin and publish as your own new Buzzy app. They’re a great way of seeing how to achieve Buzzy functionality, whether that’s customising a login flow, implementing a user chat or providing search or filtering on data.


If you’re a designer with Figma skills, and need to quickly create app designs based on a high-level brief, or even working MVPs with real data, this is a game-changer. The generated screens aren’t going to be close to ideal or what you’ve envisioned, but as a starting point that allows you to quickly edit, iterate and redesign, it’s an insane timesaver!


About Buzzy

Buzzy is an AI-powered no code platform, using the power of OpenAI’s chatGPT4-o (at the time of writing - we may look at other models like Claude or LLAMA later). Buzzy takes your plain text prompt, turns it into a ‘brief’ (mini app spec), then generates a 'data model' (database) and creates your working app interface and screens. This app can be imported into Figma, and edited (and re-published!) directly from there. Buzzy apps can be deployed as web or native applications.


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