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How product managers can develop MVPs fast using AI & no-code.

Updated: Apr 16

Your success as a product manager depends on how fast you're able to go from "Hey, we should build this!" to "Just shipped it!"

You need to focus on making your product development process simpler, faster and more efficient, without compromising on quality.

Moving fast is a competitive advantage. But traditional coding and development processes can no longer keep up, even with the help of AI. Debugging AI-generated code is a pain. No-code tools take time and aren't scalable. Your designers and developers are siloed and can't interact with each other. These are huge bottlenecks for a PM.

With Buzzy, we aim to remove these problems.

But what can you do with Buzzy?

Buzzy can make product managers 10x more effective at their job. How? By combining the power of design, no-code & AI. Before we dive into how Buzzy actually works, here is what you can do with Buzzy as a product manager.

Rapid Prototyping: Buzzy helps you go from idea to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in mere days (sometimes hours) allowing you to quickly validate and incorporate user feedback.

Removing Development Bottlenecks: You don't need to be a technical PM to get value out of Buzzy. Buzzy enables PMs of all types to focus on product innovation and user experience.

Seamless Design-to-Working-Product Workflow: Product designers live in Figma, which is where your Buzzy app designs are as well. Make your app go live instantly or hand it over to your developers to add custom code. (We will show you how in the next section).

Customization and Scalability: You can use custom code within Buzzy.  Buzzy is built on a scalable Kubernetes infrastructure, ensuring that your applications not only match your custom requirements but are also ready to grow with your user base, maintaining performance, security, and compliance without a hitch.

How Buzzy makes life easier for PMs

Buzzy helps product managers to prototype fast, get the app into the hands of users & quickly iterate based on user feedback. With Buzzy, you can shorten month-long product development workflows (and the infinite back and forth loops) to just a few days/weeks. 

As a product manager, you're short on both time and resources - it's not an easy task managing designers, developers and gathering user feedback simultaneously. Buzzy takes a lot of this load off your plate while working within your existing constraints. You can go quickly from concept to launch in minimum time. 

Bring in your UX/product designers to edit the designs directly in Figma (which are generated by Buzzy automatically). When they're done, deploy your app with a single click. Get real user feedback on the app UX and rapidly iterate so you can get to PMF (product market fit) faster. Buzzy makes the whole process ridiculously easy & efficient. 

Here is a more detailed breakdown: 

AI-powered no-code generation: the magic begins

The journey with Buzzy starts with a simple prompt. Describe your app's functionality in plain language, and then, like magic, Buzzy's AI generates a no-code version of your application. This process eliminates the traditional, time-consuming drag-and-drop approach, automating the development in a fraction of the time. While other platforms require manual assembly of each component, Buzzy interprets your needs, crafting the skeleton of your app with precision and intelligence. This not only accelerates the development cycle but also opens up the creative process, allowing for more experimentation and iteration without additional resource drain.

From Figma design to functional app: a seamless transition

Buzzy will not only build the initial no-code version of your app for you. It also gives you your product design files on Figma where your product designer can jump in and do her magic via the native Buzzy plugin. 

Once Buzzy's AI has generated the initial application you can then generate all your screens & components, easily saving you 30-40 hours of work.

Designers can edit and customize the UI/UX in Figma, and Buzzy and then you can hit "publish" instantly and see how your app works. This allows design changes to be instantly reflected in the app without the need for developers. It's like magic! 

Importantly, this is NOT a Figma prototype but actual working code.

if you want to add a bit more custom business logic, hand it off to your dev to add custom code right in your Buzzy application. 

Customization and scalability: the best of both worlds

One of the critiques thrown at no-code platforms is the lack of customization and scalability. It's true, which is why Buzzy offers the best of both code & no-code worlds. Need to go beyond the capabilities of the no-code platform? Buzzy supports the integration of custom code widgets & components. This means product managers are not constrained by no-code but can use it as a foundation to add custom code whenever it is needed. (and tailor the application to meet specific needs).

You can customize code on Buzzy on two levels: (1) Buzzy Code Widgets - you can use these to enhance your app UI (2) Server side integrations - you can make REST API calls to external applications and also allow external applications to make calls to your app via the Buzzy REST API. 

For scalability, each Buzzy deployment is single tenant, with its own database cluster, compute and storage. The compute is also on a scalable Kubernetes infrastructure, so all your applications not only match your custom requirements but are also ready to grow with your user base, maintaining performance, security, and compliance without a hitch.

Native mobile support 

With Buzzy, you can create both web and native mobile applications. Mobile support is based on React Native under the covers, with built-in offline capability and is fully integrated with the Buzzy server. This allows Product managers to create multi-faceted applications that include both desktop, web and mobile interfaces, fast. (Without compromising on quality).

How other companies have used Buzzy to speed up their development process

Upzondown is a tool that helps Amazon sellers increase revenue and improve margins by instantly calculating and visualizing the entire end-to-end value chain; from sourcing, manufacturing to delivery. Its sales optimization tool was created using Figma & Buzzy’s No-Code App Engine. Read the full case study here

OneTapFeedback (OTF) is a service designed by multi-site retail managers, for multi-site retail managers. It employs a unique application of proven technology to empower a new Management Information System informed by live customer feedback. OTF works through a customisable survey for customer feedback kiosks, using  Bain Capital's Net Promoter Score (NPS). It’s designed for the specific needs of operations managers in multi-site QSR (quick service restaurant) networks. 

CEO Mark Patterson realized that if OTF became more sophisticated than just a simple set of questions, it could do a better job. He wanted to refine and improve OTF to add new features, such as rapid response survey changes. This would enable restaurants to quickly restructure the survey around short-term time frame needs such as a sales promotion. But it wasn’t possible to do this on the existing platform as the preset structures didn’t offer the flexibility needed. Mark was instead recommended Buzzy by a business associate, and quickly identified it as the ideal solution.

"I chose Buzzy because the platform is designed to be customized to the needs of its clients. They’ve built a bespoke platform structure that has empowered ongoing improvement, such that the service is now clearly best of breed," Mark says. Read the full case study here

Eurapco is an alliance of eight large independent European mutual insurance companies that operate in 16 countries across Europe. Combined, Eurapco partners insure over 43 million Europeans and employ over 63,000 people.

Eurapco prepared a table of the mandatory features it wanted, as well as examples of the e-magazine and how they wanted it to look. But once they were shown Buzzy’s powerful feature set - which includes app and browser-based access - this soon evolved into a much bigger product.

"When we realized what Buzzy could do - its flexibility and all the features it offers - we started looking at it from another perspective, and our own feature list exploded. We had an Excel sheet that just kept growing," Panagiotis says. Read the full case study here

Become a 10x product manager with Buzzy 

Buzzy empowers PMs to navigate the complexities of modern product development with confidence, speed, and agility. By embracing Buzzy, product managers are not just keeping pace with industry evolution; they are driving it, shaping the future of product management through AI-powered, no-code solutions.

Buzzy is not just a tool; it's a game-changer for PMs ready to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in product development. Ready to transform your product management workflow and bring your innovative visions to life? Buzzy is your partner in revolution.

Try Buzzy for free here - all you need is to explain what you’d like to build, let’s see what you can do in a  few minutes.



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