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A new beginning...

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Because sometimes you gotta start fresh.

Welcome to the new Buzzy blog. We've been hard at work making Buzzy the best it can be, and also juggling support, marketing, creating demos and everything else that goes into turning a product into a success. Sometimes, we also just have something we need to get off our chests (like this), or want to show off an exciting new feature, or explain how to do something with Buzzy and Figma. This blog is where we'll be doing that.

A seedling sprouting in sand

Looking for the older stuff? Our original Medium blog is still there, and we'll add things to it from time to time. But most of the articles there relate to Buzzy's original iteration as a low-code communication and business application platform (with a focus on geospatial capabilities).

But for now, welcome to the new blog.


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Ramblings, rants and news from Buzzy.

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