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Got an idea for an app or website?

Turn it into a working web or mobile app in minutes. Try it now!

What's Buzzy?

Simplify app development

Steve Nouri

AI Evangelist

1.4M+ Followers (LinkedIn)

Combining ChatGPT and AI, Buzzy effortlessly generates custom apps and websites, unlocking endless possibilities for users and transforming the way we create, connect, and impact our world.

Josh Rowe

CPO, Formm

“Imagine being able to use plain English to describe an app, and then having a whole app being developed. That’s what Buzzy’s doing with the power of generative AI.”

Pablo Dunovits

XD Director, Osynlig

“The ability to deliver in a fraction of the time is adding tremendous value to our clients. The possibility to design in Figma and with one button … you can have a live product, it’s completely a game changer for us.”

Gen Katelis

Product Manager

“Generative AI will completely change the course of MVP validation. Depending on the complexity of the brief, non-technical founders could have the ability to go from idea to working app within minutes.”

Chris Clark

Co-Founder, Formm

“I’m super-excited to be partnering with Buzzy, especially with their new generative AI tools that allow the building of apps with very little technical effort. It’ll allow us to work with our clients to get validation, out to market and engage with customers using real products even quicker.”

Anthony Christmantoro

“There’s a new way to turn your ideas into amazing apps. Buzzy leverages AI to help you make a beautiful design a working app in just a few minutes. Our team has already helped founders turn their idea into reality.”

Already have a Figma design? 

Use the Buzzy Figma plugin to convert your Figma design to a fully functional app or website.


Case study

Stock Portfolio Tracker

Case study

What kinds of app can you build?

Got an idea for an app or website?

Thursday, 23 November

8:10am (AEST) 9:10pm (GMT)

Hold tight! Due to a massive surge in new app creations, we've hit a temporary snag. But worry not! Hop onto our waitlist and we'll buzz you with access details soon. We're on it, and aim to have you creating with Buzzy within the next 12 hours.

Given the massive surge in demand, we're having to prioritise our paying customers - so if you're in a hurry, take the opportunity to grab a smashing 85% off your first year on the Buzzy AI Pro plan and get access now. 


Thanks for your buzz-tastic patience!

UPDATE: Monday, 30 October

12:00pm (AEST) 2:00am (GMT)

Good news! We've begun granting access to those on our waitlist. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from Buzzy. Your patience is buzzing awesome and we can’t wait to see the amazing apps you’ll create!

* Limited time offer while we sort out the waitlist. Enjoy full edit/customization access for only $15 instead of $100/month!

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